How to Order Cell Phones With No Credit Card or Bank Account

By Greyson Ferguson

Instead of purchasing a wireless cell phone from a local service provider, it is possible to order the phone from an online site. However, most sites do require you to pay with either a credit card or debit card connected to your bank account. If you do not have either available to you, your options are limited and you won't be able to purchase the phones from particular sites, but it is still possible to purchase a wireless cell phone.

Navigate onto a site such as eBay. Although most company sites are not going to accept cash or certified cashier checks, it is possible to order cell phones through individuals and companies on eBay.

Log onto your eBay account. If you do not currently have an eBay account, you can create one for free at

Type in "Cell Phone" into the search bar. This is going to bring up hundreds, if not thousands, of different phone options to choose from.

Select a wireless phone you like and either submit a bid or select the option "Buy Now."

After purchasing the phone, you are going to receive an e-mail from the individual selling the phone. Respond to the seller and state that you are going to pay via certified cashier's check.

Go to a local bank or credit union. Ask the teller for a certified cashier's check. This may cost a few extra dollars, especially since you are not a member.

Mail the certified check to the individual, along with the order number (can be found in the email you received from the seller). Once the individual receives payment, you are going to receive the phone.