How to Optimize RAM Space

by Contributor

The amount of RAM in one's system seems perfectly adequate, when you first buy your computer. Then after months of use and dozens of programs running, the computer is slower and applications don't run as efficiently as they once did.

Close programs when you're not using them. Just as humans can only concentrate on a couple tasks at a time, your computer slows down more as you have more windows open. Minimize the number of windows you have open at any one time.

Run smaller programs. For example, graphics-intensive programs give your system more problems than playing solitaire. Larger programs include newer 3D games and video editing software. Asking a five-year-old computer with limited RAM space to run the latest version of Adobe Photoshop can lead to frustration, even if your computer meets the system requirements as listed by the manufacturer. If you run smaller editing software like Paint, you save your RAM space.

Purchase and run applications designed to maximize the efficiency of your RAM like Memory Boost Pro. This software is available commercially and is simple to use. Depending on the operating system you're running, all you have to do is put the DVD-ROM in your drive and load the software on to your computer.

Start anti-virus and anti-spyware software like Windows Defender. Spyware is software that third-party vendors download to your computer often without your knowledge. These programs then run in the background on your computer silently. Windows Defender deletes these programs, making your computer's RAM operate for efficiently.

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