How to Operate a Panasonic Fax Machine

by Nichole Liandi

Panasonic produces a variety of telephones and fax machines that are well suited to the needs of individuals and small businesses. While there are many variations, the KX-P2505 is a representative version of the consumer line. Here's how to operate the fax functions.

Move the document guides on the top so they match the width of the document. Then, insert your document. Be sure the text is face down on the machine. Your documents cannot be any larger than a standard 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet of paper.

Change the resolution if necessary to ensure clear reception of your document. Follow the guidelines in your manual, but remember that "Finer" resolutions require more transmission time.

Lift the handset and dial the fax number. Wait until you hear a fax tone in the handset, then press the button that says "FAX START." When the other party answers your call, tell them to press the "start" button on their fax machine. You'll then hear the fax tone from their machine over the handset. Press "FAX START" again to start the machine and send the fax.


  • check Always consult the owner's manual for questions about specific operations.


  • close Don't try to fax more than 10 pages at a time.

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