How to Operate an iPod A1236

by Eric Cedric

The iPod Nano A1236 is better known as the 3rd generation iPod Nano. This Nano is short and squat and is a departure from the long, narrow iPod Nano that Apple first introduced. The 3rd generation Nano has video playback capability, stores photos, allows customized play lists and syncs with Apple's proprietary iTunes music managing software. In addition, this model uses the Clickwheel controls, features and headphone jack, and has a freeze button to prevent accidental operation of the controls.

Plug the USB dock connector cord into the bottom slit on the Nano A1236. Plug the opposite end into the USB hub on your iTunes equipped computer. Wait for iTunes to open automatically as the Nano is recognized by the computer.

Choose to sync music automatically or manually. Automatic synchronizing updates your entire library based on what is on the iTunes library in the computer. Manual allows you to drag and drop select songs, leaving the library on the Nano intact. Charge the Nano by pluggin it into the USB hub and waiting until the battery icon indicates a full charge with a battery symbol that is black.

Disconnect the Nano from iTunes by clicking the arrow. Wait for the Nano readout to disappear, unplug the iPod and remove the cord from the computer and the Nano.

Press the power button on the top of the Nano and wait for the screen to appear. Turn the clickwheel with your finger or thumb to scroll through the menu options. Plug the earphones into the headphone jack next to the power button. Push the "hold" button if you do not wish the controls to be active.

Scroll to your choice on the menus and click the center button to move to another drop down menu specific to your choice. For example, if you select "Music", the next screen gives options for playing the entire library, specific artists, play lists, genres or mixing all songs at random. Spin the clickwheel to your selection then press the center button.

Press the right side of the clickwheel to advance songs, pictures, TV shows or videos. Press the left side to go back in selection. Turn the clickwheel when the volume icon appears to raise or lower the volume.

Press and hold any button to turn off the iPod Nano.

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