How to Operate a Cadillac Navigation

by Adrienne Davis

The Cadillac navigation system makes it easy for you to get from place to place without having to remember direction details yourself or trying to manage with written instructions while driving. The navigation system can provide you with several routes to choose from to get to your destination.

To Enter an Address

Turn the system on; a warning will appear reminding you to pay attention to your driving. Touch the OK screen to continue.

Press the Destination key and select the Street button. A street category will show up on the display.

Start to type in the street name. You may use the "back" button if you enter an incorrect letter. If the street has a direction included, for instance, N. Eagle Rd, just type in Eagle Rd. A list of names will appear for you to select from.

Enter the house number. The system may display the range available for that particular street. The confirmation screen should display the entire address.

Press "Go" and the Cadillac's navigation system will prepare the route for you.

Select whether you would prefer the fastest, shortest or easiest route.

To Enter a Point of Interest (POI)

Turn on the system. Press OK to continue past the warning screen.

Press the Destination key and select the Point of Interest button.

Start to type in the name of the point of interest. For example, Penn Station. A list of names will display from which to choose.

Select the proper point of interest and press go. The system will prepare the route for you.

Storing a Preset Destination

Turn on the system. Touch "OK" to continue past the warning screen.

Press the "NAV" or "DEST" key. Enter a destination using the directions above. Press the "Add" button from the map screen to save the final destination to the navigation system's address book.

Select the "Name" button and enter the name you would like to call it such as, Mary's House.

Press and hold one of the screen buttons at the bottom of the screen until the text inside the button changes.

Using Preset Destinations

Turn on the system. Press "OK" to move past the warning screen.

Press "DEST" and choose from one of your preset destination screen buttons, such as Mary's House.

Select the route from fastest, shortest or easiest.

Select the "Start Guidance" button and the system will plan your route.


  • check To cancel guidance before you reach your destination, press "Cancel Guidance."


  • close The navigation system may suggest roads that are currently under repair or tell you to turn where prohibited, so you must always pay attention and obey traffic laws and signs while driving.


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