How to Open a Yahoo! Account

by Michelle Varsallona

Opening a Yahoo account allows you to access many of Yahoo's free features, including Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo fantasy games, Yahoo news feeds and Yahoo's online games. Opening an account automatically creates a Yahoo email address for you. Opening a new Yahoo account requires you to fill out a registration form and can be done in just a couple of minutes.


Navigate to the Yahoo homepage (see Resources).


Click the “New Here? Sign Up” link at the top of the page.


Enter your name, gender, birthday, country and zip code in the first section of the Yahoo ID sign up page.


Type in a Yahoo ID and password. Make sure “” is selected as your email suffix. Also, a Password Strength meter is shown to let you know how secure your password is.


Enter an alternate email address, and choose and answer secret questions. These will help you retrieve your ID and password if you forget it.


Type the visual confirmation code. Click the “Need audio assistance button” if you want to hear the code spoken to you, or click the “Try a new code” button if you cannot understand it and want a new code.


Click “Create My Account” to finish creating your account.

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