How to Open a WPC File

by Alex Zang

The WordPad Converter, or ".wpc," file is used to bridge the gap between older word processing files and newer ones. As WordPad Converter files are designed explicitly to work with Microsoft Word, the word processing software native to your computer may not be able to open the file. Several word processing programs are capable of handling the file correctly. Note that as the file is designed to work with Microsoft Word, Word will likely do the best job of opening the file, though it's not the only software capable of the task.


Use Microsoft Word to open the WordPad Converter file. Microsoft Word comes bundled with any home office PC, along with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. The program allows you to open and edit a variety of different word processing documents, including all WPC files.


Use Microsoft WordPad. WordPad is similar to Microsoft NotePad, except that it's capable of reading Rich Text Format and WordPad Converter files. While it comes with most Windows-based computers, WordPad may not be able to retain a WPC file's formatting upon opening it. While you'll be able to see all of the text, you may not be able to see how it was originally formatted.


Use Writer from is an open software suite that contains a word processing program -- Open Office Writer -- an Excel-esque spread sheet program -- Open Office Spreadsheets -- and a slideshow creation program -- Open Office Slideshow. The idea behind is that anyone should be able to use the programs without having to pay for the privilege. As such, the entire suite is free.


  • check Open the file in Microsoft Word, if you have it, before trying to open it in another word processing program.

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