How to Open WMV Files on an Apple

by Jamie Lisse

WMV files are Windows Media Video files that are typically used on Windows-based computers and viewed with Windows Media Player. Since Apple computers do not support Windows file formats, you need to install a program on Apple computers to enable WMV file viewing and usage on a Mac. A couple of free options are available, including a Windows Media Player made for the Mac.


Determine if you prefer to open WMV files using QuickTime or Windows Media Player on your Mac. Microsoft has a Windows Media Player for the Mac, but will not be issuing any future support or updates for it. Flip4Mac makes a free WMV Components for QuickTime that allows Mac users to open WMV files using QuickTime.


Download and install either WMV Components for QuickTime by Flip4Mac or the Windows Media Player 9 for the Mac.


Open your preferred WMV viewer on your Mac once it has been installed.


Use the “File” menu to open the WMV file that you want to view.


  • check Each of the mentioned programs allows an Apple computer to open WMV files while browsing the Internet. So if you are on a website that has WMV files playing, this will enable you to view them.

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