How to Open a Winzip File Without Winzip

By Randall Shatto

WinZip files are applications that are in a compressed form. Usually, these are smaller and easier to send through the Internet. In addition, you can burn more programs to disc if you add files to WinZip or another compression agent. Typically, an uncompressing tool is on the hard drive of a computer. If you do not have WinZip, you could use several other programs, including WinAce and WinRAR. These applications extract file formats such as "Zip," "Ace" and "RAR."

Download and install WinRAR or WinAce (see Resources). Follow the onscreen instructions. A restart of the PC may be necessary.

Go to the WinZip file folder. Right-click on the file. You will have three options, "Extract Files," "Extract Here" and "Extract To (File Name)." To unzip the files to a different folder, use the "Extract To (File Name)" option. The application will extract the files.

Wait until the files unzip. A window will appear showing the process. This takes about 5 minutes for larger file sizes. The window may close automatically. If not, click the top "X" button. Open the folder in which you directed the files to unzip. Then you can explore the extraction of the WinZip file.