How to Open a Wi-Fi Connection for an iMac

By Dave Wilson

Cable-free networking provides additional desktop space and less clutter.
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Wireless networks are a fantastic technology that eliminate the old network cables and mess that goes with them, enabling mobility, better organization and ease of installation. Apple iMac computers in many cases feature wireless network connectivity or can be upgraded to support wireless networks. Included with the iMac are utilities that make connecting to wireless networks a three-step procedure. Connect an iMac to a wireless network using network utilities included with the iMac.

Step 1

Click on the AirPort status icon located in the menu bar on the iMac desktop. Click "Turn AirPort On."

Step 2

Find and then click on the name or SSID of the wireless network to which you wish to connect in the list of wireless networks displayed.

Step 3

Type in the wireless network passphrase if prompted into the text box displayed. Click "Remember this network" if you wish to enable the iMac to connect to the wireless network automatically next time. Press the "Enter" key.