How to Open the Back of a Viewsonic Monitor With No Visible Screws

by John Smith
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If you have tried to take apart your Viewsonic monitor but cannot figure out where the screws are, they most likely are hidden behind the stand base. Once you take apart the base, you will see the screws holding together the monitor frame. Once you gain access to the hardware inside, you can perform at-home fixes. Be careful whenever taking apart computer devices, as you can permanently damage the device and break your warranty policy.

Step 1

Remove all the cables attached to the monitor including the power and signal cables.

Step 2

Pull off the back plastic cover where the stand connects to the monitor. This will reveal four screws connecting the stand.

Step 3

Remove the four screws and set them aside. Pull the stand away from the monitor so they are no longer connected.

Step 4

Insert a thin flat-head screwdriver between the side edges. You will see a separation line where the front and back halves of the monitor connect. Slowly pry the case apart as you go around the monitor edges. Along the way, there will be plastic latches that disconnect the frame.

Lay the monitor face down on a soft surface such as a towel, then pull the back frame away. You now have access to the back of the monitor.

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