How to Open a Vem

By Anthony Smith

Use the right driver to free up VEM files.
i computer image by Ewe Degiampietro from

Some computer users with Sony Corporation USB flash drive storage devices find that their files are compressed and then saved with a VEM file extension. VEM files cannot usually be opened on another computer unless the user has specific software from Sony. This leaves many people stuck and unable to gain access to their files when they plug the USB drive in to another computer. If you encounter this problem, there is a process for decompressing the files and freeing them up for use on whatever computer that you wish.

Visit the URL for downloading the Sony Decompression software. The link to obtain this free software is listed in the resources section below.

Click on "Save File" when the dialog box titled "Opening Decompression_v101.exe" appears.

Plug the USB storage device that contains the VEM files in question into the computer.

Navigate to the location of the VEM file(s) and drag the icon for the file to your computer desktop. The installed software will automatically convert the VEM file to its original format.

Go to your computer desktop and double-click on the icon for the file you just moved there, and it will open.