How to Open Up an HP LCD Monitor

By Billy Kirk

You will have to remove various screws on your monitor before opening.
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Sometimes, a problem with your HP LCD monitor cannot be resolved unless you completely open up the unit. While this is usually a last resort, it is not one which requires paying a repairperson or similar professional to do the job for you. Instead, carefully cracking open an HP LCD monitor is a task you can handle on your own time in your own home or office, with only a Phillips-head screwdriver for support.

Step 1

Disconnect your HP LCD monitor from the wall outlet or surge protector it is currently plugged into. This is an important safety measure that must be taken before proceeding. Also, disconnect the monitor from your computer if it is still plugged in.

Step 2

Find the screws that are arrayed along the perimeter of the back of the HP LCD monitor. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove all these screws and place them aside. Ideally, put them in a small plastic bag or similar container for safekeeping, as you will need them again later.

Step 3

Remove the bezel from the HP LCD monitor. Accomplish this by gently prying up one corner of the bezel and then pulling off the rest and setting it to the side.

Step 4

Take stock of the now exposed HP LCD monitor display and notice the metal brackets. There is one metal bracket on each side of the screen. Remove the screws from each of these brackets using your Phillips-head screwdriver, and then remove the brackets as well. Set all these elements aside in your plastic bag.

Step 5

Notice the inverter cable, which lies at the bottom of the screen. It plugs into the inverter cable connector to its left. Unplug it from the cable connector by setting the connector into its unlocked, vertical position. Then, pull out the cable.

Step 6

Lift out and remove the screen altogether and gently set it aside, preferably on a soft surface.

Step 7

Complete as many tests or diagnostic endeavors as you please now that the HP LCD monitor has been opened up and fully disassembled. If necessary, you can always install a new LCD screen by sliding it into the space vacated by the previous, and resting it against the back casing of the HP LCD monitor, and then connecting the inverter cable back into the inverter cable connector and replacing all the screws that hold the HP LCD monitor together.