How to Open a SNP File

By Tara Cantore

SNP files are Microsoft Access snapshots. These files include report layouts, text and graphics. You can open an SNP file using the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer application, which is a free product distributed by Microsoft to allow for easy distribution of Access reports without requiring the user to own a copy of the Access database software.

Open your preferred browser, and navigate to the

Type "snapshot viewer" in the Search bar at the top of the image, then click "Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access" from the list of results.

Select your language from the drop-down menu, then click "Download." Save the file to your desktop, then double-click to run it.

Click "Yes" when asked if you'd like to install the viewer, then review the end-user license agreement. Click "Yes" if you agree. You must accept the agreement to install the software.

Click "Continue" to begin the installation, click "OK," then "Complete Install" to begin writing the program's files to the hard drive.

Open the Start menu, and type "viewer" in the Search bar. Click "Snapshot Viewer" from the list of results.

Click "File," then click "Open."

Ensure "*.snp" is listed as the file type in the "Files of type" menu, then navigate to the folder on your computer containing the SNP file.

Selcet the file, then click "Open." The SNP file will open.