How to Open an SKP File

By Mara Shannon

An SKP file is a model created using SketchUp, a 3D design program. Google bought SketchUp from @Last Software in 2006 and has since released newer versions of the program. You can open and edit SKP files in the free version of SketchUp or the paid version, SketchUp Pro, then share them using your Google account or upload them to Google Earth. You can also open SKP files in the 3D design program TurboCAD Deluxe.

Step 1

Download and install Google SketchUp, if you don't already have SketchUp, SketchUp Pro or TurboCAD Deluxe installed on your computer.

Step 2

Right-click the SKP file and click "Open with," then click "Choose default program."

Step 3

Select SketchUp, SketchUp Pro or TurboCAD Deluxe and click "OK." You can now view and edit the SKP file.