How to Open .Sit Files on a PC

by Aurelio Locsin
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Stuffit, or .sit, is a format used to compress files, primarily for the Macintosh operating system. (An example of a popular Windows compression is .zip.) These formats reduce the sizes of video, music and software files so they take up less space on storage media and so they can easily be downloaded from a Web page. However, to use these files, you need to open (decompress) them. Fortunately, even PC users can decompress a .sit file.

Step 1

Download and install a free .sit decompression program like Stuffit Expander or Aladdin Expander. Run the software to display its program window.

Step 2

Choose the “File” menu and “Open” to display the “Open” dialogue box. By default, the program lists all the .zip and .sit files in your “My Documents” folder.

Step 3

Navigate to the location of the .sit file and double-click to list the file contents in the program window.

Step 4

Click on the content you want to extract. To select more than one file, use the "Shift" or "Control" keys with each click.

Click “Extract” and then navigate to the folder in which to store the extraction. Click “OK” to expand the file to the folder.


  • Even though you may be able to extract a .sit file, its contents may not work on your PC if they were originally designed for use on a Mac.


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