How to Open the SD Slot on a Laptop

By Tammy Clevenger

SD Card
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Many new laptops are shipped with built-in SD card readers as standard input devices. The SD card reader will often have a plastic slot protector to protect the device during shipping and handling. The plastic slot protector must be removed before the drive may be used.

Locate the SD card reader slot on the laptop. The SD card reader will be a small and rectangular in shape. It's location will vary by laptop model.

Press the center of the rectangular shape with a fingernail or paperclip until the latch clicks and releases.

Gently grasp the plastic slot protector and remove from the SD card reader slot.

Insert an SD card. No additional software or drivers should be needed.

Press until the toggle latch catches and secures the SD card in the reader. The device will register in the operating system as a new drive.