How to Open QuickTime Movies in iMovie

By Daniel Ketchum

iMovie is a simple yet versatile video-editing program made by Apple. If you own a Mac, then iMovie may be the video editor for you. But there are occasional problems with it. One problem is that it cannot directly edit QuickTime files, one of the most popular formats on the Internet. Learn your way around this difficulty.

Step 1

Start iMovie. Click on "New Project." Name this project "whateveryoulike," save it and close iMovie.

Step 2

Start Quicktime Pro. Now go to "File" and click "Open." Browse to the file you need to send to iMovie, and select it.

Step 3

Go to "File" and click "Export." In the box that pops up, select "Movie to DV Stream." Name the file and save it to the folder for project "whateveryoulike." Then click "OK." Close QuickTime Pro.

Step 4

Start iMovie again. Open the project you created before. When you do, you will be told that the clips you placed in the folder have now been brought into the project and are available on the "Shelf" for editing.