How to Open Quickbooks in Excel

By Stephanie Ellen

Quickbooks files can be saved for use in Excel.
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Quickbooks is accounting software for businesses, while Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that can help you manage vast amounts of any kind of data and produce graphs. Each has its unique capabilities: if you want an audit trail, Quickbooks can suit your needs, while Excel can help you create dynamic, professional looking charts from raw data. If you want to import your Quickbooks data into Excel, then you must save the Quickbooks file in a specific format.

Step 1

Open Quickbooks.

Step 2

Generate a report to export to Excel. For example, if you want to generate a transactions journal report, click on "Reports" and then click on "Transaction History."

Step 3

Click on the "Export" button on the menu bar above the report.

Step 4

Click on "A new Excel workbook."

Step 5

Click on "Export." Excel will open automatically with your chosen report.