How to Open PTX

by Stephen Lilley

A file encoded in the PTX file format contains information called a "transcript." This particular type of electronic transcript file is created using a program called RealLegal E-Transcript and is commonly used in legal settings like courtrooms. If you have a file saved in the PTX file format, the only way you can open it and view its contents is if you have a RealLegal E-Transcript program installed on your computer.


Click "Start."


Click "All Programs."


Click the "RealLegal" folder.


Click on the icon for your RealLegal E-Transcript program to open it. RealLegal E-Transcript programs that can open PTX files include Viewer, Manager, Signatures and Reporter Edition.


Click "File" and then on "Open" to select your PTX file from your computer and open it in your RealLegal E-Transcript computer program.

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