How to Open an Outlook Express Email Account

by Quinn Marshall

Outlook Express is a version of Microsoft's Outlook email program that comes pre-installed on Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003; it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website and installed onto newer versions of the Windows operating system. Outlook Express allows users to open one or more email accounts, which can be password-protected to keep unauthorized users out. The accounts can be used with either IMAP, HTTP or POP3 email services.


Launch Outlook Express by double-clicking on the program's icon. Outlook will prompt you to create a new account if one hasn't already been created. Navigate to "Tools", then "Accounts" if the program doesn't automatically prompt you to create a new account. Select "New Account", then "Mail".


Enter your name in the "Name" field in the New Account wizard, then press the "Next" button. Enter your email address in the "Address" field on the next page, then click "Next". Select "POP3", "HTTP" or "IMAP" from the drop-down menu on the next page, whichever is used by your ISP or service provider. If you are uncertain, contact your service provider for more information. Enter the incoming mail server information into the "Incoming Mail" field, and the SMTP info in the "Outgoing Mail" field. You can get this information from your ISP or service provider if you don't know the information needed. Click the "Next" button. Enter your email account's username and password into the "Username" and "Password" fields, then click "Next". Review the information provided; if it is correct, click the "Finish" button.


Select the "Inbox" label on the left side of the screen, then click "Refresh". Wait for Outlook to download any unread messages to the inbox. Send yourself a new email from a different email address if no messages downloaded to the inbox; this will confirm that the incoming account information is correct. Send a message from the Outlook account to a different email address to ensure that the Outlook account's outbound information is correct.

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