How to Open One Note Files

by Kate Bruscke

Microsoft OneNote, a product in the Microsoft Office line, is developed to allow users to create "notebooks," where they can gather and add text, images, email, calendar entries and other forms of digital information into files organized by topic, course or project. OneNote is known for its flexibility in use and intuitiveness of navigation. You can begin or add to your work by opening a Microsoft OneNote file or opening a document inside Microsoft OneNote.

Open OneNote File

Locate the OneNote file that you would like to open on your desktop, hard drive or thumb drive.

Double-click the file to open.

Press CTRL+O together, if you cannot locate the file.

Navigate to the Look In list and enter in the location of the file, including the hard drive and removable drive.

Click the file, then click "Open."

Open File Inside OneNote

Open OneNote by double-clicking the shortcut on your desktop, or choosing it from the Start button in your lower left hand corner of your desktop -- click Microsoft Office to expand, then click OneNote 2007.

Click File in the upper horizontal navigation bar.

Click "Open."

Navigate to the file you would like to open in OneNote -- on your hard drive, or removable drive, for example -- and click the file.

Click "open" to open the file in OneNote.

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