How to Open a Notepad Text Document as a Web Page

By Contributing Writer

Updated July 21, 2017

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It is a relatively easy task to open a text document as a web page. Simply fire up the browser of your choice, and open the document with it. You can have it read as html code, or just simple text.

Create a text document. Open up Notepad from the Start menu, or right click in an open folder, and select "New," then "Text Document", and double click on the newly created file.

Save the document. If you have entered html code into the Notepad file, you will need to save it as an html document. In order for your web browser to properly display the html encoded file, you will have to change the .txt extension to .htm or .html. Leave the .txt extension if you just want to view the file as plain text. Take note of the location of the saved file, as you will need this later.

Open your favorite browser.

Open the document with the browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, click the "File" menu, then select "Open." Enter the location to which you saved your text document in the input box, or find it using the "Browse" button. In Firefox, select the "Open File" menu option from the File menu, and locate the file you saved.