How to Open a New Yahoo! Mail Account

By Contributor

Updated August 23, 2017

Yahoo is one of many online providers that offer free email services. Setting up your new Yahoo mail account from any web browser is quick and easy. When you sign up for a Yahoo mail account, you also gain access to your very own contact list, Yahoo Calendar, Yahoo Notepad and unlimited storage space for your saved emails.

Yahoo mail

Open up your Internet browser and go to Click "Mail." If you already have a Yahoo email account you can create a new one after signing out of your current Yahoo account.

create new account

Click the yellow "Create New Account" box.

form fields

Fill out the top portion of the Yahoo Registration form providing your name, gender, birthday, country and postal code.

yahoo username

Pick your Yahoo user ID and password. Your Yahoo user ID will also be your email address. Type the user ID into the appropriate field Yahoo will make sure the user ID is available. If so, type and retype your desired password in the next two fields. If not, select another user ID and continue to "Check" until you find one available.

security questions

Provide an alternate email and pick your account security question and answer. Yahoo stores this information in the event you forget your password and to protect your account.


Fill in the code displayed in the "Type the code shown" box and read the Yahoo Terms of Service, Yahoo Privacy Policy and Communications Terms of Service. As long you agree with Yahoo's terms, click the "Done" button and you're ready to go.


Do not give your password out. When using a public computer, always sign out of your Yahoo mail account when you are done.