How to Open a Motorola Phone

By Jon Stefansson

Motorola is an American brand of cellphones and electronics based in Schaumburg, Illinois. The company manufactures an entire range of cellphones, 2-way radios and other electronics for the consumer market. Motorola cellphones are widely available worldwide. Opening your Motorola cellphone--for such tasks as gaining access to the battery compartment or the Service Identity Module (SIM) card--is uncomplicated. The exact method used to open your Motorola cellphone varies by model.

Step 1

Switch off your Motorola phone and disconnect the charger if it is attached.

Step 2

Turn the phone over so the back of the phone is facing up.

Step 3

Look for a small plastic button on the battery compartment door.

Step 4

Hold the button down and slide the cover up or down, depending on your model of phone. The battery cover will detach.

Step 5

Lift it off the phone and set it aside. Your Motorola cellphone is now open.

Step 6

Slide a fingernail beneath an edge of the battery. Lift the battery up and out of the phone to access the SIM card.