How to Open Microsoft .Net Framework

by Christopher Hanson
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Microsoft .Net Framework is a set of libraries used to process ASP.NET files. When a browser points at a file ending in the extension .aspx the server processes ASP code through the Microsoft .NET Framework. Simply accessing a .aspx file on a server containing the Microsoft .NET Framework will open the framework. Microsoft Visual Studios .NET is the software solution used for coding ASP.NET files. Microsoft Visual Studios .NET allows the user to open the framework and manipulate the code that underlies the entire programming language.

Step 1

Launch Microsoft Visual Studios. Click "Start," "All Programs," Microsoft Visual Studios," "Visual Studios .NET."

Step 2

Start a new project. Click "File," "New." Then select "ASP.NET Web Site." Set the language to "C#" then click "OK."

Step 3

Select "Default.aspx.cs" from the left panel.

Select appropriate features from the Microsoft .NET Framework. There are several drop boxes on the top of the right panel. The entire Microsoft .NET Framework is available in these drop boxes.


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