How to Open a Logitech Keyboard

By Michael Wallace

Logitech manufactures a line of computer keyboards designed for gamers. These keyboards come equipped with LCD screens that display game stats while you are playing. Because these keyboards contain more components than most other computer keyboards, there is always the risk of one of them becoming damaged or breaking over time. If this happens, you will need to open the keyboard to diagnose the problem.

Unplug your Logitech keyboard from the computer and turn it upside down.

Use your screwdriver to remove all 17 screws from the bottom panel of the keyboard. Set the screws aside.

Turn your computer right-side up and use your fingers to separate the black plastic frame around the keyboard. Set the frame aside.

Unplug the LCD display ribbon from the top circuit board.

Unplug the six ribbon cables--three on each side--from the top circuit board.

Remove the 18 screws on the top of the keyboard and remove the top panel of the keyboard. Your keyboard is now open.