How to Open a Kodak M67 Projector

by Brandon Getty

The Kodak M67 projector, produced by the Eastman-Kodak company in the mid-1960s, was designed to view 8 mm or Super-8 film reels. The projector was popular among consumers and amateur film hobbyists because it is a compact and efficient machine that allows for simple loading, viewing and rewinding of film reels. The projector is still available on the used and vintage market as of 2010, and many models are still functional after repairs (changing bulbs, adjusting focusing screws). These tasks can be performed after opening the main cover of the M67.


Disconnect the projector from its power source if it has been running. Allow it to cool for 10 minutes.


Clean the outside of the projector using short bursts of compressed air and a small soft-bristled brush. If the projector has been in storage for a long time, this will make opening the main cover less messy.


Locate the projector's mechanism cover. It is a single panel on the side of the projector that bears the Kodak logo.


Firmly grasp the cover at both ends and pull it straight out.


Clean the internal mechanisms gently with compressed air and the brush, then perform any repair work necessary.


  • check Replacement bulbs for the Kodak M67 can be found at several online retailers as of 2010. See link in the "Resources" section.

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