How to Open Internet Explorer From Visual Basic

By Jaime Avelar

Open webpage using Visual Basic.
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You can easily open Internet Explorer from your Visual Basic application by using the "Process.Start" method. This powerful method gives you the power to open other applications as well from your application. You can start Internet Explorer to a default homepage or you can provide a web address to navigate to after it launches. With this method you can quickly open the web browser to a webpage you want the user to see without having the user enter an address.

Start Microsoft Visual Basic Express and press "Ctrl" and "N" to start the New Project dialog Window. Click "Visual Basic" below "Installed Templates" and click "Windows Forms Application." Click "OK."

Double-click "Button" on the "Toolbox" pane to add a new button control to your Form. Double-click "Button1" to open the Visual Basic code module.

Copy and paste the following code below "Button1_Click" to open Internet Explorer when the button is clicked:

Process.Start ("IExplore.exe")

The web browser will start and default to the homepage.

Copy and paste the following to start the web browser and navigate to a web address:

Process.Start("IExplore.exe", "")

Edit and type a valid web address.

Click the "Debug" menu and click "Start Debugging." Click "Button1" to open Internet Explorer.