How to Open an HPD File

by Richard Kalinowski

An HPD file is a specific type of document file. It is created by HotDocs Developer, and it functions much like a PDF file. If you use the right program, you can open up an HPD file for viewing and printing. If the HPD file's creator added editable fields to the document, you may even be able to interact with it. The file is designed to work with the HotDocs Player, and typically does not display properly in Adobe Reader or similar programs. This software is provided free of charge, letting you open up any HPD file.

Visit HPD files are created using HotDocs Developer, and they are not viewable with your PC's native programs. The HotDocs Player is free, and lets you open up a saved HPD file.

Click the download link and save the file to your desktop.

Double-click the HotDocs Player installation file after it finishes downloading.

Click "Next" through the onscreen prompts to install the HotDocs Player. The installation process is automatic and typically takes less than five minutes. You can continue working on your computer while the program is being installed.

Double-click the HotDocs Player desktop icon. The icon is created by default as part of the HotDocs Player installation process.

Click "File" and select "Open" from the main HotDocs Player window.

Browse your computer's files and click the HPD file you want to open.


  • check You can open HPD files from within an active HotDocs Player window, or you can double-click the file to open the software automatically.

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