How to Open a WordPerfect File Using Open Office

by R.L. Cultrona

In 2009, Sun Microsystems released a free, open-source suite of office productivity programs called Open Office. These programs are intended to compete with the Microsoft Office suite of programs and offer a free alternative to using them. Open Office is designed to open all Office file types, and all files created in Open Office can be saved as any MS Office type. Open Office allow users to open and manipulate not only Office documents, but also documents from other software, such as Lotus or WordPerfect.

Download and install Open Office. The program can be found at Once you have downloaded the set-up file, follow the installation directions to make sure it installs correctly.

Open the Open Office program. Click on "Open a Document" from the launch screen. This will make the "Open" window pop up.

Click on the pull-down menu next to the "File Name" box that reads "All files." Scroll down to select "WordPerfect Document (*.wpd)." Browse though your folders until you find the WordPerfect file you need to open.

Click the file once to highlight it. Click on the "Open" button. Open Office Writer will open with the WordPerfect document and display it as it would look in WordPerfect.


  • check You can use Open Office not only to view a WordPerfect file but also as a bridge to converting that WordPerfect document into an MS Word document without data loss. This is a simple way of doing a document conversion.

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