How to Open the File Extension PCB

By John Lister

PCB files could contain circuit board designs
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Unlike most extensions, PCB is used by at least three different types of software. It could be a file with custom settings from PowerPoint, designs for a printed circuit board, or business card designs.

PowerPoint File

Microsoft PowerPoint uses the PCB extension for a file that contains data about the customizations users have made to PowerPoint itself. Examples include changes you make to the layout of buttons, or by using add-ons. This type of PCB file isn't a file users need to open, but instead is accessed by PowerPoint itself. It should normally be located in the folder at:

C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\PowerPoint, with replaced with whatever username you have in Windows.

In theory, you could copy a PCB file created by another user into this folder so that you can run PowerPoint with their custom settings. In practice, this may not always work, particularly if you are running different editions of PowerPoint.

Printed Circuit Board

Several design applications use the PCB format for files that create design information for printed circuit boards. You can view this type of file in a free browser from Mentor Graphics (see Resources).

The Print Shop

Two design packages titled The Print Shop (Deluxe and Professional editions) from Broderbund save some files with the PCB extension. Specifically, these are files for business card designs. To open these files you'll need a copy of either edition of The Print Shop, which are both paid applications (see Resources.)