How to Open DMG Files on Windows

By Ryan K Oylear

Every so often you are sent a file that has a generic icon on it, and no software on your PC can open it. You check the file extension, and it is .DMG. A .DMG file is a Mac Disk Image. There are different software options that can read and extract the contents of .DMG files so you can access the files within.

7-Zip Method

Step 1

Download the 7-Zip installer package, and install it on your computer.

Step 2

Run 7-Zip once the installation is done. Navigate to \"Tools > Options....\" Click \"Select All\" unless there are specific file formats listed that you require to stay registered with a different program. Click \"Apply\" and then \"OK\" when you are done.

Double-click the .DMG archive to open it. You can now extract the contents of Mac .DMG files.

AnyToISO Method

Step 1

Download the AnyToISO installer package.

Step 2

Run the installer and select your desired installation location. Run AnyToISO once the installation is complete.

Click \"Browse...\" and select your source .DMG file. Click \"Convert.\" You now have a PC-compatible .ISO image that can be burned to a CD and read.

DMGExtractor Method

Step 1

Download the latest DMGExtractor standalone .JAR (Java ARchive) file.

Step 2

Place the .JAR file where you want it to be installed, e.g., \"C:\Program Files\DMGExtractor\.\"

Double-click the .JAR file. Click \"OK\" on the first pop-up. When prompted, click \"No\" if you only wish to do error checking on the .DMG file. Click \"Yes\" if you wish to convert the .DMG file to an .ISO file. Navigate to the folder with the .DMG. Specify the output name (DMGExtractor defaults to the same name as the .DMG file) and click \"Save.\" You now have a PC-compatible .ISO file that can be burned to a CD for reading on a PC.