How to Open the Case of a Dell Dimension XPS T500

by C.D. Crowder

In order to troubleshoot, repair, or upgrade hardware in your Dell Dimension XPS T500, you may need to open the case. This is the easiest part of disassembling a desktop. Once the case is opened, you have access to all the internal workings. Another reason you may want to open the case on your Dell Dimension XPS T500 is to clean out excess dust. Your fan keeps some dust out, but at least every other month, you should open the case and use compressed air to blow out excess dirt and dust.

Step 1

Shut down your computer.

Step 2

Turn the tower so it's lying on its side. With the back of the tower facing you, the power supply should be on your left. The power supply is the only area with a fan and power cord connector. This will leave the removable side panel on the top of the tower.

Step 3

Disconnect the power cable from the wall.

Step 4

Loosen the thumb screw, which is the largest screw.

Step 5

Press in the cover release latches with your thumbs and press the cover backwards. The only part of the cover you will remove is the side cover that is currently facing upwards.

Lift the cover straight up once you've moved it backwards roughly an inch to completely remove.


  • Don't lift until the cover has been moved back. You can break the cover if you force it to lift.


  • You can work one side at a time if you need to. Sometimes the cover panel can be difficult to move backwards. Wiggle the panel left and right, or side to side, until it loosens enough to move straight backwards.

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