How to Open DCX Files

By Chappy Sinclair

A DCX file (also called a "Graphics Multipage PCX" file) is used to transmit multipage fax documents. DCX files are most commonly used with Microsoft's Visual FoxPro program--a programming language in Windows. Windows does not come with a program that is capable of viewing DCX files. If you do not have Microsoft's Visual FoxPro, or if you simply want to view the contents of the DCX file, there are third party programs available (e.g. Smart FaxSee) that will allow you to view DCX files.

Download and install Smart FaxSee (link available in "Resources").

Run Smart FaxSee. Click "File" and select "Open."

Browse to the DCX file you want to open. This will open the DCX file in the main window. From here, the DCX file can be viewed, edited, or printed.