How to Open Cue Files

by Contributor

CUE files are typically used in conjunction with BIN files to run CD or DVD images without requiring a disk drive or the CD/DVD. BIN files contain the information from the disk and CUE files are the image that allows the image mounting software to read the disk.

Install an image mounting software, if you do not have one already.

Download the matching CUE and BIN files to your computer.

Make sure that your computer is reading the disk drive image from the software to ensure that it is running properly.

Use the software to open the CUE file. Each software will have the option for mounting an image to the drive, though the exact text for each one is not the same. Click on this to open the window.

Search for the folder where your BIN and CUE files are, click on the CUE file, and then click "Open." The image should load up.

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