How to Open a Case of an HP RP5700

By Jason Artman

The HP rp5700 is a business desktop computer designed for customers who want to replace their computers as infrequently as possible. The computer has a five-year life cycle, which means that a business purchasing it can expect HP to continue supporting it for several years. If you expect to use a fleet of HP rp5700 computers for several years, you will probably perform upgrades or repairs at some point. Whether you are replacing a part or installing a new one, the first step is to open the case of the HP rp5700.

Step 1

Shut the HP rp5700 down and disconnect all cables from the front and back of the computer case. If you have never upgraded or repaired a computer before, you may find it helpful to label the different cables.

Step 2

Unlock and remove any security cables or padlocks that you have installed.

Step 3

Locate the two square release buttons on the sides of the HP rp5700 case. Push the hold the buttons.

Step 4

Pull the top of the HP rp5700 case toward the front of the computer while holding the buttons in. After moving forward approximately 1 inch, the cover stops.

Step 5

Lift the cover straight up to remove it from the HP rp5700.