How to Open My Cache on My Computer

By Amanda Dyar

Open your cache to delete temporary Internet files or view browsing history. Clear your cache to free up more space on your computer. Use Notepad on your computer to view individual cache files. Store caches to browse the Internet and load web sites faster.

Step 1

Find cache files on your computer. Go to your Start menu and click "Control Panel." Look for "Network and Internet" and double-click "Internet Options." Select "General" under the Internet properties menu. Click "Settings" under the Browsing history section and double-click "View files" to see your cache.

Step 2

Open cache files on your computer. Double-click on the cache file and open with "Notepad" to view the cache file. Edit the file in "Notepad" and click "Save" if you wish to alter the cache. Proceed with caution when changing cache files, since this can impact the performance of programs on your computer.

Remove cache files on your computer. Delete cache files on your computer by clicking "Delete" on the Browsing history section under Internet properties. Click "Settings" and select "Days to keep pages in history" and enter a number of days that your computer will store cache files.