How to Open an .Avi

by JoshuaL

The most-common video file format on a Windows computer is the .avi format.

Download the necessary software. Look to the "References" section below and left-click on the VLC Media Player link and/or the DivX Plus link. Double-click on the new file when the download is complete to install it. Both are excellent video players of .avi files. DivX Plus and VLC Media Player occasionally find a .avi file they cannot play, but it is rare that both of them fail to play a given .avi file.

Open your media player and find your .avi file. Double click on the desktop shortcut for your newly installed media player. Press "Crtl+O". Browse through your computer's folders until you find the .avi file you wish to open.

Configure and play your .avi file. Double-click on the .avi file you wish to play. The .avi file will begin to play shortly on your computer. Press "Alt+Enter" to change the windowed video to a full screen video. If the .avi file does not play properly, use the alternate video software provided in the "References" section.


  • check If neither VLC Media Player nor DivX Plus will play your .avi file, use the default Windows Media Player to play your file. If it still refuses to work, it is likely that your file is corrupted.

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