How to Get the Onscreen Keyboard Off the Screen on an iPad

by Aaron Wein

The iPad's virtual keyboard appears on the screen whenever you select an area where you can enter text. For instance, when you tap the body of an email while you are composing a message, the onscreen keyboard pops up at the bottom of the display. The keyboard comes in handy while typing a message, but, because it fills a large portion of the display, it's inconvenient when you are reading items. It may not be readily apparent, but the virtual keyboard includes a button that hides the keyboard.

Step 1

Tap any app on your iPad that accommodates inputting text. Tap in the area that supports text such as the address bar in Safari or a note in the Notes app to bring up the keyboard.

Step 2

Locate the Keyboard key on the bottom right corner of the virtual keyboard. It bears the graphic of a tiny keyboard.

Step 3

Tap the Keyboard key once to hide the virtual keyboard.

Tap in the text field again or -- in some apps -- in the lower right corner of the display to reopen the keyboard.


  • Hold down on the Keyboard key and choose "Split" to split the virtual keyboard to the right and left sides of the iPad display. This comes in handy if you type with your thumbs while holding the iPad. When the virtual keyboard is split, you can still hide it by tapping the Keyboard key.


  • Information in this article applies to iPad and iPad Mini tablets running iOS 6 software. Steps may vary with different versions of the device.

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