How to Get an Onscreen Keyboard

by James Stone

When your computer's keyboard stops functioning or you only have one hand to work with, launch the Windows On-Screen Keyboard. The On-Screen Keyboard is a standard feature that comes bundled with all versions of Windows. Use your mouse to click the appropriate keys when entering text on a document. The Windows Ease of Access Center is a section on the Control Panel that includes accessibility tools to help assist the disabled and make your computer easier to use.

Start Menu Access

Click the "Start" button to open the Start Menu.

Click the "All Programs" link and the "Accessories" folder.

Click the "Ease of Access" folder and the "On-Screen Keyboard" shortcut. The Windows On-Screen Keyboard appears.

Control Panel Access

Click the "Start" button and the "Control Panel" link.

Click the "Ease of Access" heading and the "Ease of Access Center" heading.

Click the "Start On-Screen Keyboard" option under the Quick Access to Common Tools section. The Windows On-Screen keyboard appears.


  • check The Ease of Access folder and Ease of Access Center include other features that help disabled people use a computer. Other features include a magnifier, narrator, speech recognition and a higher contrast ratio for the computer's monitor.


  • close The On-Screen Keyboard does not include function keys or other special keys, so substituting this keyboard for an actual keyboard is not recommended.

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