Free Online Mahjong Games to Play

By Melody Dawn

Online mahjong games are puzzle games that are based on the Chinese table game, but online mahjong play is a bit different from the table version. In the basic game, there are 144 tiles that are placed in a pyramid pattern. Your goal is to match two like tiles and clear them from the game board. The tiles can be buried under or surrounded by other tiles. You win the game when you have cleared all of the tiles from the board.

"Master Qwan's Mahjong"

"Master Qwan's Mahjong" is an example of the most basic online mahjong game. You clear the mahjong board by pairing up tiles. When you make a pair, you receive 50 points and a time bonus, which gives you more time to find more matches. The maximum time bonus you will receive is 60 seconds. If you clear the entire board, you will receive a total of 5,000 points.

"Mahjong Dark Dimensions"

"Mahjong Dark Dimensions" is another online variation of mahjong. In this game, you are given a 3-D figure instead of a two-dimensional figure. You can spin the figure around to locate two tiles that are the same. You have the opportunity to receive bonus matches. Make two matches within a few seconds and you will receive a point multiplier. You get bonus points for matching like tiles in succession, and if you find the time-bonus tiles, you will get extra time added to your play clock.

"Looney Tunes Mahjong"

"Looney Tunes Mahjong" is geared toward children. This game is almost identical to "Master Qwan's Mahjong," but you match up pictures of the Looney Tunes characters instead of numbers, flowers or Chinese characters. Each cartoon character has a number, but the matches are simple and easy to locate.

"Mahjong 3D"

"Mahjong 3D" is much like the "Dark Dimensions" game. You are given a 3-D figure, and you can move your game board around in order to see all of the pieces on the board. Once you clear a board, you will move on to the next level of play. Each level gets harder, and if you run out of time when you are trying to locate matches, you will lose the game.

More Mahjong Games

See the Resources section to find these and many other online mahjong games. There are many web sites that allow you to pay for membership and play variations of mahjong, like You can find many free sites just by searching.