Free Online Laptop Training

By Ian Garfield

Numerous online laptop training methods exist.
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Laptop and netbooks are the fastest growing segment of the computer market. But it takes additional training for some people to become familiar with laptop computers. Numerous free online laptop training methods exist.

Usability Training

Laptop manufacturers such as HP, Apple and Acer offer free online videos and courses that can help familiarize users with their computers. Online video sites have numerous tutorials for users. Publishers such as O'Reilly offer a host of free tutorials and training for laptop customers on their website.

Ergonomic Training

The smaller size of laptops and the alternate mouse/keyboard/function key arrangements can make it difficult for some users to adjust to laptops. Thinktanks, manufacturers and educational institutions post information on the Internet about ergonomically-friendly laptop use. Proper weight, positioning and placement (hint: not in the lap) are crucial for new laptop users.

Repair Methods

One of the fastest-growing segments of free online laptop training is in the area of repair. Internet video sites have thousands of videos showing how to repair laptops. Manufacturers and peripheral/accessory manufacturers also put laptop training information on the Internet to help educate users.