What Is Oleaut32.dll?

By David Archer

Oleaut32.dll lets programs speak to each other.
i global computer network image by Michael Brown from Fotolia.com

Despite its confusing name, oleaut32.dll facilitates the communication of meaningful data -- between software applications. Windows operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows 7 include oleaut32.dll, and countless programs use it.


Oleaut32 stands for "Object Linking and Embedding Automation for 32-bit Windows." OLE Automation allows applications to handle files and information created by other applications, and oleaut32.dll enables this process. For example, you use oleaut32.dll every time you embed an Excel spreadsheet in a Microsoft Word document.


Dynamic link library (DLL) files such as oleaut32.dll contain small programs that larger applications can access as needed. DLL files increase efficiency because the programs they contain don't take up random access memory.


While oleaut32.dll serves a highly useful purpose, it isn't a critical system file. Replace oleaut32.dll if it becomes damaged, corrupted or missing simply by downloading a new copy and placing it in the Windows system folder.