How to View Old Versions of Web Pages (4 Steps)

By Naomi Bolton

Use the Wayback Machine to view Web pages from the past.
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After a Web page has been updated or removed, you cannot view the old version of the page using ordinary means. There is, however, a way to view old pages by using the Wayback Machine, a Web archive that's maintained by the Internet Archive, a nonprofit organization. The service stores multiple versions of Web pages, called snapshots, so you can view different versions of the same page by selecting a date.

Step 1

Open the Internet Archive Wayback Machine Page in your Web browser (link in Resources).

Step 2

Type the URL for the website with the pages for which you want to view in the input box, and then click the "Browse History" button.

Step 3

Select a year from the timeline at the top of the page, and then hover the mouse cursor over a date from the calendar displayed below. Only dates marked with a blue circle have snapshots of the old Web pages available. Larger circles mean that more snapshots of the page were taken on that particular date.

Step 4

Select a time from the list of snapshots displayed to view the older version of the page as it appeared at that time.