How to View Old Text Messages on a Sprint Phone

By C. Taylor

Access older text messages requires navigating the message history.
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Your Sprint phone allows you to send and receive subscriber messaging service (SMS) text messages from your phone. At times you may wish to review previously sent or received messages. Maybe you simply need to refresh your memory, or are assessing the consequences of the previous night's bout of drunk-texting. In any case, messages are stored in your Sprint phone's history until you choose to delete them, or the available memory runs out.

Step 1

Press the menu button on your phone and select "Messaging" by using your phone's arrow keys or touch pad and pressing "OK." On some Sprint phones, the label might be slightly different, so if you don't find "Messaging," look for "History" or "SMS."

Step 2

Select "Text Message" from on the next screen and press "OK."

Step 3

Select either "Inbox" or "Outbox," which allows to to see received and sent messages, respectively. On some phones, you might see conversations with the sent and received messages compiled into one entry. This might be the case with a smartphone. Each phone is a little different, so you may need to explore a little bit or consult your owner's manual.

Step 4

Highlight the message you wish to view and press "OK." On most phones, you can use the arrow keys to cycle between messages, which conveniently avoids continuously backing out selecting the next message.