How to Offload Photos From an iPhone to a Home Computer

by Robert Schrader

Apple's iPhone provides several features not found on some other cellphones. One such feature is a digital camera that can shoot video in addition to still images. Offload images from the iPhone to your computer using the same method you would from an ordinary digital camera or SD memory card.

Use the white, 10-pin USB cable you received when you purchased your iPhone to connect the device to your computer. Insert the wider end of the cable into the bottom of the iPhone, then the narrow end into one of your computer's USB ports.

Open your iPhone's photo folder. Click "Open Device to View Files" on the menu that pops up when you connect your iPhone to your computer. If one doesn't, click "My Computer" then double-click the name of your iPhone. Click the "Pictures" folder to view your images.

Highlight all of the images you want to offload to your computer's hard drive, then right-click anywhere in the folder and click "Copy." Go to the folder where you want to save copies of the images, right-click within it then click "Paste." Wait for the process to complete -- the length of time varies depending upon the number of images you transfer -- then disconnect your iPhone.

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