How to Obtain a Text Message Log

By Aminah Paden

New technology makes it easier to obtain data such as text messages from cellular phones.
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Obtaining a record of text messages from your cellular phone service provider is next to impossible, but getting the time and date text log is simple. Most service providers delete the text messages they have stored within a few days. They cannot recover or transcribe them. However, there are other ways to access the information, but be careful. Privacy laws may restrict your ability to legally access text messages or text logs that belong to someone else.

Step 1

Use a computer software program to recover data from a SIM card and to restore deleted text messages and phone numbers. A SIM card or subscriber identity module identifies cellular phone users on a specific network. Place the SIM card into a SIM card reader and download the information onto a computer.

Step 2

Contact your cellular phone service provider's customer service team. Request a detail of the text log. The service provider will not release transcribed text messages. Service providers will provide the phone number and the time and date the text was sent to you in paper form by mail or online. Visit the service provider's store in person and request to see the text detail report. Photo identification may be required.

Step 3

Use a cellular seizure investigation (CSI) stick to download text messages and detailed text log reports directly from the cellular phone. Plug the CSI stick into your cellular phone to capture its data. The module will grab anything stored in memory including text messages, instant messages, phone books and emails. It will also retrieve deleted files that have not been overwritten.