How to Obtain Your Personal Phone Records

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In order to obtain your personal phone records, you need to follow a few basic steps. Once you have done so, you will be able to see who, where and how long each individual call lasted. Following these procedures on a regular basis will allow you to keep accurate records in case of billing discrepancies. Here is how to obtain your personal phone records.

Call you landline carrier. Ask to speak with a representative who is allowed to release your phone records. In many cases, your phone records will be sent to you along with our bill on a monthly basis. Currently, many companies are recommending customers go "paperless." In that case, you may also be able to access your personal phone records online.

Request a copy of your monthly billing statement. Carefully read over the statement as it will itemize each call individually according to the number, location and length of time. It will also distinguish between local and long distance calls.

Review your statement to insure that there are not any billing discrepancies. This will allow you to be conscious of what services you are selecting. It is also a good way to check if your carrier has made any changes to your account.

Place your phone records in a folder, separate them by billing date, mark the folder and put it in a filing cabinet. By doing so, you are allowing yourself quick access to your records as well as enhancing your organizational skills. If you would ever need to locate your phone records quickly, you will know right where they are.

Call your phone company if you notice any unusual calls or billing errors. It is important to take note of and address any issues before they become large-scale. Also, be sure to look over any procedural changes that your carrier sends you in regards to your account.

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