How to Obtain a Digital ID

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If you're concerned about sending email messages that are secure, then it is a must that you obtain a digital ID. A digital ID is also referred to as a digital signature or digital certificate and it enables you to sign your emails with a unique digital signature that verifies your identity. Obtaining a digital ID is as simple as following a few easy steps.

Obtain a Digital ID from Verisign

Go to the Verisign website.

Click the "Buy Now" button to begin the enrollment process.

Completely fill out the enrollment by following the guided step-by-step process.

Login to your email account and look for a notice from Verisign.

Follow the instructions in the email to pick up your digital ID.

Carry out the process to install your digital ID.

Adding a Digital ID to Your Email Account Using Microsoft Outlook Express

Obtain a digital ID from a provider such as Verisign and install it according to the given instructions.

Open a new message window and access the "Tools" menu.

Select "Digitally Sign."

Write and send your email message. Outlook Express will search your hard drive for a valid digital ID that matches the "From" email address. The program will add this ID to your account. If you have more than one valid digital ID, then you'll have to select the one you want to use for your email account.


  • check Make sure the email address associated with your digital ID is the same as the one used for your email account. Otherwise, it won't work.

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